Maria, December 2017

Erin’s reading resonated clearly with me at a soul level, and was very much in line with the kind of work I am doing at an emotional level in order to move forward in a particular area in my life. It is true to me and also indicates the way forward – and also strengthened advice from astrology and psychic readings I have received recently along similar lines. Thank you so much!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Carol, October, 2017

My reading was spot on. Erin’s interpretation of my three card reading was insightful and I found her message to be clear and concise. I prefer to leave my readings a bit “open” and I sense that Erin is an intuitive soul with an ability to connect quickly to others. She is kind and kept me informed throughout the process. She held her word and I look forward to another reading soon.

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Angie, December 2017

I would highly recommend a reading from Erin. With a single card, she cleared up all the doubts I was having about my relationship. I will be looking into getting a larger reading from her in the future! Very high quality.

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Michele, Devember 2017

Received a one-card reading regarding my career. Was given a descriptive reading based on the answer, though hoping the positive aspects of the card she mentioned are more at play than the negative ones as it was The Tower…

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Holly, November, 2017

Erin has read for me a few times and every time she has, amazing things have happened to me in my life. I find her readings extremely accurate and I want to take this time to thank her for changing my life in so many positive ways…there are no words to express my gratitude of such a beautiful human being inside and out. You’re amazing and awesome Erin and I’m so so glad that we met. I never thought I would meet somebody like you but I believe that night was meant for us to cross paths and I am forever grateful we Did! Xo

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Brittany, December 2017

Erin offered a great insightful reading that made me feel more confident in my current path and future choices. Thank you!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Rhandi, October 2017

Erin is fabulous, she is a kind and wise woman. She has always guided me through my readings and ensured everything was clear so there was never confusion for me in her readings. Thank you Erin, you are wonderful!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Jen, May 2018

I was clueless about my placement on the blackmoon lilith. When I received the reading from her, it made me become more aware of the of the characteristics I have and it explained further why I’m feeling or acting in such a way. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the reading you gave me. More power to you! 😊😊😊

Astrology/Numerology Reading

Kaylee, December 2017

Dang, this girl knows what’s up. Just from a one card draw, I was given insight into a situation that I had been struggling with for years. Concise, straightforward, and intelligent!

Thanks so much!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Phoenix, December 2017

Erin’s readings are direct and get right to the point! Not only does she identify with what you are currently dealing with she spends time with next steps to take. Vs spending time in the past. This is incredibly difficult to find in readers today and I am so happy to have received the guidance and confirmation from Erin! Thank you!!!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Elaine, November 2017

I always look forward to Erin’s posts. I find she gives me the guidance I need to stay focused and fulfilled in my very busy life.

I highly recommend being open to receiving guidance from Erin. Thank you Erin!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Rhandi, May 2019

I worked with Erin for 2 months. She looked into a few houses in my birth chart relating to the situations I am going through, we looked into my life purpose, and she gave daily personal astrology updates. This helped me on so many levels. There where times where I was able to both control my emotions and my days conversations by being prepared. There were not many days where I didn’t feel what was being discussed was right on point. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time we spent looking into this as she was also able to help me work through the most difficult loss to date!!! I am very lucky to have Erin in my life and look forward to working with her more in the future!

Astrology/Numerology Reading, Tarot/Oracle Reading

Melissa, October 2017

Won a super cool reading from Erin. What drew me was her awesome edgy deck. Erin gave me a cool reading as she was straight forward, no sugar coatings & overall a great experience. Glad to have connected with you. Thank you so much again?? Love & Light.

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Heather, December 2017

Wonderful one card draw!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Louise, October 2017

I truly enjoy Erin’s daily reading. I have to say that most days, it is something very timely. It always brightens my day!

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Ludmila, November, 2017

Very loving, accurate readings helping me everyday. Thank you, Erin for your selfless service.

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Nichola, October 2017

A friend told me about the Facebook page “Tarot Reading and Other Divine Guidance with Erin”, and I’m so glad she did!  Erin’s FB page is engaging and the cards I select from her daily readings always connect to what is happening in my life. I have been lucky to receive a personal reading from Erin also! It was on point and gave me direction as I move forward along my path. (Thank you Erin!)

Tarot/Oracle Reading